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Since this site was not intended to be an academic or commercial publication, you will find that citations are sporadic, mainly used when I am directly quoting an author. To make up for this, and to assist interested people in their own research, I have provided an annotated bibliography of my sources, presented in several formats for your convenience:

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I select my sources very carefully, sticking as exclusively as possible with translations of original material and works by noted Judaic scholars (fiction excepted). In order to truly understand this complex tradition, I strongly suggest you stay away from certain 19th-century occult and 20th century-to-current "New Age" interpretations, as well as titles which mix Kabbalah with other religious, mystical and occult genres. For a quick point of reference, examine how "Kabblah" is spelled; with only a couple of exceptions in my experience, purely Judaic sources spell the word with a "K", not a "Q" or a "C". Also check a book's bibliography: Does it have one? If so, are the sources peer-reviewed journals, original texts, and academic books spanning a significant period of time?

You will not find any information here about the Hermetic Order, the Society of the Golden Dawn, Christian Kabbalah, Freemasonry, etc.