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The Importance of the Word in Judaism

Words are more than just letters; letters are more than just the alphabet. Full Article >
Last Modified: 2001-11-07

The Use of Scripture in Practical Kabbalah

Psalms and other Biblical passages were widely used in practical Kabbalah to protect people from harm and ward off evil. This article provides an overview of how, when, and which verses were used. Full Article >
Last Modified: 2006-04-28

The Names of God

The most powerful items in a practical Kabbalist's spiritual arsenal were the Names of God. This article discusses the origins these Names and the debate over their use and transmission. It provides a listing and descripions of a variety of Names, and an overview of the practices of Notarikon, Temura, Gematria, and Name permutation. Full Article >
Last Modified: 2006-04-20


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