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Theoretical vs. Practical Kabbalah

How practical Kabbalah differs from what you may have read or heard about Kabbalah in the past. Full Article >
Last Modified: 2006-04-30


This article discusses the practicioners of practical Kabbalah known as the Ba'alei Shem Tov ("Masters of the Good Name"), their controversial status in the community, and the rules they followed and broke. It also discusses the related concept of the tzaddik. Full Article >
Last Modified: 2006-04-20

The Jewish Take On "Magic"

Why practical Kabbalah should not be considered magic. Full Article >
Last Modified: 2006-04-30

Introduction to Practical Kabbalistic Procedure

This article outlines the the general themes and behaviors encountered in the practice of practical Kabbalah. Full Article >
Last Modified: 2006-04-20


About The Hands Icon:
The hands are in the position of one performing the blessing known as Priestly Benediction. In fact, it's where Leonard Nimoy got the idea for the Vulcan saying and gesture, "Live long and prosper"! The Benediction has been used in practical Kabbalah and in synagogues today, so I felt the image would be a good way to represent the concept of one actively utilizing the power of words and prayer.